AQA A-Level mathematics is a qualification for higher studies. Students in many countries face this exam.  You will be able to pursue degree related mathematics. The competition is high. You need a good preparation.


ModuleQuestion PaperMark SchemeExemplar
CoreCore 1 Question PaperCore 1 Mark SchemeCore 1 Examiner Report
CoreCore 2 Question PaperCore 2 Mark SchemeCore 2 Examiner Report
CoreCore 3 Question PaperCore 3 Mark SchemeCore 3 Examiner Report
CoreCore 4 Question PaperCore 4 Mark SchemeCore 4 Examiner Report
MechanicsMechanics 1B Question PaperMechanics 1B Mark SchemeMechanics 1B Examiner Report
MechanicsMechanics 2B Question PaperMechanics 2B Mark SchemeMechanics 2B Examiner Report
StatisticsStatistics 1B Question PaperStatistics 1B Mark SchemeStatistics 1B Examiner Report
StatisticsStatistics 2B Question PaperStatistics 2B Mark SchemeStatistics 2B Examiner Report
DecisionDecision 1 Question PaperDecision 1 Mark SchemeDecision 1 Examiner Report
DecisionDecision 2 Question PaperDecision 2 Mark SchemeDecision 2 Examiner Report

Practicing AQA A- Level mathematics past papers is the best tip.  Past papers are the popular resource to do better in exam. You must practice under exam circumstances. You will have benefits as,

  • Time management

You can use a stopwatch. This helps you to manage time. 

  • Understand the marks allocation

You can give priorities to questions with high marks.

  • Get use to paper structure

The vocabulary is different in any subject. You can learn the vocabulary. Understanding the paper layout will always help you.

  • Ability to practice writing

You will understand to revise your memory.  You can have the skill to communicate your knowledge.

  • Analyze

You must analyze each past paper. It gives knowledge on your weak areas. Work through again and again. You will improve.

We encourage you to do AQA A-Level mathematics past papers. This is free. You can easily download. Work through the each past papers. You can score high.


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